Day: February 13, 2016


Preface of TM Established in 1987, Technical Metal or TM is a manufacturer of fasteners with an ISO 9001:2000 Certification which makes us one of the most experienced and most well-respected fasteners manufactured in United Arab Emirates. Countries served by TM Located at the Strategic position, TM’s footprints is widening day by day i.e., GCC,


TME – Technical Metal Establishment, Sharjah TME is an established fasteners company in Sharjah, UAE. And established in 1987, makes TME the oldest and greatly esteemed company in United Arab Emirates. Our commitment to customer service, quality products, and on-time deliveries that has allowed us to thrive around in this region for more than two

Bolts and nuts

Bolts and Nuts Technical Metal Establishment – TME, provides wide range of products which has major inclusive of bolts and nuts. Ranging from various bolts and nuts, it’s products are suitable for all major industries which have manufacturing units and are in need of the machinery parts. Bolts and Nuts by TME, the global leader


Fasteners TME is a pioneer in manufacturing in fasteners and have a global recognition when providing services. Fasteners are generally used to join mechanical objects together. Fasteners, with greater application in each industry has high level of demand. And being a worldwide brand TME provides high quality fasteners reaching you with it’s customer-based services. Fasteners

Dowel Bar

Dowel Bar A Dowel Bar is a solid cylindrical rod, usually made of metal. In its original manufactured form dowel rods are often cut into short lengths employed in numerous, diverse applications including concretes to precisely align two objects in a dowel joint where a hole is bored in both objects and the dowel pin


Clamps A pipe clamp or U Bolt can also be used to connect a pipe to the remainder of a pipe hanger assembly. Pipe clamps are recommended for suspension for cold pipe lines that may or may not be insulated. Pipe Clamps are usually used on pipes to grasp it and facilitate hoisting or suspension.

U Bolt

U Bolts U bolt has the structure of U letter in order and it has threads on both closures. U bolts are generally utilized for pipeline developments. U bolts are utilized in in pipe hanger assembly. They hold pipe and encourage the suspensions of the channel. They are additionally called as Square U Bolts, U

Anchor Bolt

Anchor Bolts An Anchor Bolt is used to attach objects or structures to concrete. There are many types of Anchor Bolts all consist of thread end, to which a nut and washer is attached for the external load. Anchor Bolts are extensively used on all types of projects, from standard building to dams, bridges, road,

Stud Bolts

Stud Bolt Stud bolts are widely used in petroleum and chemical industry. These bolts are threaded and have two nuts along with them. They are mainly used in flanged connection of pipelines. Hence they are also used in fluid transportation facilities. They are also used in pressure vessels and valves. Stud Bolt by TME, the

Steel Fabrication Oman

Steel Fabrication Oman Steel Fabrication is building of steel structures or products by cutting, bending and assembling processes. Steel fabrication involves taking of many pieces of metals and to attach them together in a form of a predefined shape and size. Industries facilities use steel fabrication to produce everything from automobile parts to home appliances.