Bolts and nuts

Bolts and nuts

Bolts and Nuts

Technical Metal Establishment – TME, provides wide range of products which has major inclusive of bolts and nuts. Ranging from various bolts and nuts, it’s products are suitable for all major industries which have manufacturing units and are in need of the machinery parts.

Bolts and Nuts by TME, the global leader in Fasteners

Technical Metal Estb. also a manufacturer of large, non-standard anchor bolts and construction fasteners. Bolts and nuts used in any industrial application with any major or minor modifications is shape or size is served by TM. The bolts and nuts manufactured here at TM are custom tailored for the requirements of our service clients.

Benefits of Bolts and Nuts from Technical Metal Fasteners

TME bolts and nuts represents excellent tensile strength. They are lubricated to resist heat and increases the durability of threads. They possess very high wear resistance. They have good strength. They withstand the increased in clamping load very well. We supply these bolts and nuts as per customer requirement and within scheduled delivery. Our inventory systems is strong which can cater immediate order requirement. We have implemented quality systems in our organization which meets the international standards also.